Great discussion on research software: linkfest

I’ve been following a weeks (months?) long social media discussion on research software that has been very thought-provoking. The questions being discussed include the following.

  • What should we expect/demand of software to be “published” (in the academic sense)?
  • what should community standards of replicability/reproducibility be?
  • Both quick n’ dirty prototypes and robust, well-tested platforms are beneficial to scientific research. How do we balance the need for both? What should our expectations be for research software that falls into various slots along that continuum?

I’ve been hoping to weigh in on the discussion with my own two cents, but I keep on finding more and more great reading on the topic, both from Twitter and from blogs. So rather than writing (and finish formulating!) my opinions on the topic(s), I think I’ll punt and just share some of the highlights from my readings. Linkfest below.


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