Be back shortly!

I’m sure the entirety of the interwebz has been sitting on pins and needles wondering when oh when will the BioWize blog be updated! It’s been over a year since I’ve posted an update. This has been a crazy, hectic, exciting, frustrating, and fulfilling year. I have jotted down ideas for a dozen blog posts, and even started drafting a couple, but with stagnant progress on a research project and pressure to make progress with my dissertation I just haven’t figured out how blogging should (if at all) fit in to all this. But I know I need to write more often. I’ve found that writing skills are like a muscle: they need frequent conditioning and exercise or they will atrophy. Whether I’m writing about a technical skill that saves me lots of time in my research, or about something more conceptual, taking the time to write out my thoughts for a general scientific audience is a great exercise in clarifying and condensing your thinking. Communicating your thinking (and supporting evidence) to other scientists is the whole purpose of scientific publishing, after all.

So I expect there to be a flurry of activity on the blog within a short time.


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