Frustration with Word and Endnote on Mac

Recently, I’ve been using Microsoft Word and EndNote to write a significant paper for the first time in several years (my advisor and I used LaTex + git mor my first first-author paper). After using it on my MacBook for several weeks with no more than the usual amount of frustration one can expect from EndNote and Word, EndNote stopped working all of a sudden. Every time I tried to insert a reference, it would get frozen at the “Formatting Bibliography” step and hang indefinitely. Force-quitting and restarting the programs didn’t seem to help anything.

After a bit of searching, I came across this thread which provides a simple solution. The culprit for the unstable behavior seems to ba an OS X system process called appleeventsd, and force quitting the process with this name using the System Monitor restored normal Word/EndNote behavior. I have done this several times in the last couple of weeks and haven’t seen any adverse side effects, so I will continue to do so until something goes wrong or some OS 10.8 upgrade provides better stability or until my collaborators magically decide that LaTeX + git + BitBucket is in fact a superior solution after all!


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