Scripting a search and replace with Perl

I use Perl one-liners and the sed command quite frequently to do search-and-replace tasks with data and code files. For search-and-replace tasks that can’t easily be reduced to a s/search/replace/g command, Perl provides support for scripting within regular expressions.

I recently took advantage of this capability for a data processing task I had. I had a GFF3 file for which I needed to reformat all of the sequence IDs. The old IDs followed the pattern scaffold_0, scaffold_1, etc, while the new IDs needed to follow the pattern Scaf0001, Scaf0002, etc. I couldn’t simply replace each instance of scaffold_ with Scaf, since that would not pad with leading 0s as was required. The following Perl one-liner did the trick (you may have to scroll right to see the whole thing).

perl -ne 's[scaffold_(\d+)]{$num = $1; $num++; $num = "0". $num while(length($num) < 4); qq[Scaf$num]}eg; print' < old.gff3 > new.gff3

Here’s the Perl broken up.

  $num = $1;
  $num = "0". $num while(length($num) < 4);

This is a very useful feature, kludgy syntax notwithstanding.


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