Easily creating static HTML documents with DokuWiki’s ‘export’ action

I use wikis pretty extensively in my research. I have set one up on my personal machine to serve as an electronic lab notebook, and our research group has another one set up to share notes for group meetings, progress updates, etc. Wikis make it very easy to record and share information without having to write a web page from scratch. On one hand, the basics of using a wiki are simple enough for most anybody to grasp, but on the other hand there are also enough nice features (file uploads, syntax highlighting for embedded code, revision history, etc) to make wikis useful for many data management applications.

This week I discovered that DokuWiki has a built-in export function. This is particularly useful for those that may want a quick and easy way to create a decent-looking static web page. Simply go to any page in the wiki, and then add &do=export_xhtml to the URL (or ?do=export_xhtml if the URL does not already contain a ? symbol).

This generates a web page without any navigational controls that can be downloaded, distributed, and rendered locally without the need for network connectivity. Replace the xhtml with xhtmlbody for just the body of the page (to copy and paste into an existing HTML document), or replace it with raw to get the raw DokuWiki markup.

For more info on the export action and other available actions for DokuWiki, take a look at http://www.dokuwiki.org/devel:action_modes.


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