AnnotationSketch and GenomeTools

I have been developing a tool recently that requires visualization of gene structure annotations. My advisor suggested I look at the AnnotationSketch tool from the GenomeTools package, and I have to say that I have been very pleased with the software. GenomeTools is not just for visualization though–it has a variety of built-in genome informatics tools, as well as a development kit with support for several languages. The libraries are very well designed, flexible, well-documented, and efficient (coded in C). I also got prompt and helpful responses from developers through both the bug tracker and the mailing list.

All the functionality I needed for my tool is already built-in to the gt sketch tool created when GenomeTools is installed, and I’ll post some simple usage examples soon. However, very extensive customization is possible with the included developer APIs. After the dust settles a bit from some recent submission deadlines, I plan on taking a deeper look into some of the awesome features this software provides.


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